FEATURE: An Interview with Tigris Resources

Tigris Resources

Start-ups often end up in secluded locations, miles away from town and in the middle of nowhere. This is far from the case with Honeycomb, the brainchild of Spencer Bourne, and a fantastic office alternative to businesses in their early stages.

Who Are Tigris Resources?

Tigris Resources is an early stage copper and gold exploration company focused in Turkey, mainly because this particular part of the world is Europe’s largest gold producer and has great potential when it comes to unearthing new discoveries. Tigris’ team of geologists work alongside local Turkish partners using state-of-the-art technologies, which have been cleverly designed to uncover large world-class copper and gold deposits.

The Company’s CEO, Tim Coughlin, is involved in exploration fieldwork, capital raising and other more mainstream management type activities. However, with this title comes its fair share of challenges, the biggest to date being the protracted downturn in the commodities cycle.
‘We need to be frugal and conserve our treasury whilst taking full advantage of the opportunities the current lack of competition provides.’ ‘I must like the challenge of the job as it isn’t easy finding gold mines!’

What the future holds

For Tigris Resources, their immediate future sees them making the transition from the private to public sector with an IPO planned before mid-2015.

Why Wharf Street?

Regardless of your business needs and goals, it’s important to have an easily accessible hub in which to work from. 4 Wharf Street is just that for Tim. Offering contemporary offices in the heart of St Helier complete with no hidden costs, ample space and a modern and tidy décor– these offices are an ideal option for promising start-ups.

‘We chose Wharf Street as it’s great value for a great location. Onerous overheads are a limitation in our current market and real value comes from efficiently deploying our investor’s capital out there in the field.’

Another reason Tim chose Wharf Street as his business base is because of its handy location, which perfectly suits the needs of the company’s employees.
‘We currently have 12 employees on the pay-roll and at this stage, just 3 of us are based full time here in Jersey.’

Further benefits to renting one of Honeycomb’s suites include the flexible lease -– if needed, businesses can upgrade to a larger office without breaking their contract. There’s also a kitchen, free online access, individual mailboxes and no service charges to worry about – an asset to brands wishing to put an accurate budget plan in place. These offices are anything but four walls; they’re a community for like-minded individuals.

A day in the life of Tim

Tim’s working day is anything but average as he travels a lot, whilst also conducting a wide variety of tasks.

‘My average office day starts about 8:30am, I take a gym break at 3pm and I usually run out of steam at around 6pm.’

However his day doesn’t stop there. As Tigris Resources boast a large proportion of North American investors, work related phone calls and emails are hard to avoid even when outside of the office.
As a team, their largest recognition was the London Mining Journal Exploration Award, which was presented to them in 2011 for the discovery of the plus four million ounce Amulsar gold deposit in Armenia. Since then, Tigris Resources have also won awards and gained recognition for their work with local communities in emerging countries. They’re certainly pleased to be part of a growing global resource sector here in Jersey and hope to spawn new ventures and attract more industry peers to the island in the very near future. All we can say is watch this space.