FEATURE: An Interview with Cambridge Weight Plan

Cambridge Weight Plan

Only those in the industry know just how difficult it is to find a home for a new start-up. With Honeycomb, you can choose from a wide range of contemporary and affordable office suites located within sought hubs in the heart of town.

What is the Cambridge Weight Plan?

It comprises a six-step programme, combining an easy to follow and nutritionally balanced eating plan.
Independent Cambridge Consultant, Rebecca Haine, helps clients to achieve and maintain the bodies and confidence they desire. She does this by introducing individuals to a series of practical lifestyle changes and tips for a better relationship with food. ‘My role is to support and work out a weight loss and long-term weight management plan to suit my client’s lifestyles.’

A day in the life of Rebecca Haine…

Arriving at her Esplanade office, just after the school run, at around 8.45am. Her daily tasks involve managing a stock order for Cambridge products, checking her product cupboard is complete and ensuring both her weighing scales and client records are ready for action. Rebecca meets with a handful of clients throughout the day – weighing and measuring them – talking through their week and supplying them with new products for the following week. Finally, she gets down to responding to emails and voicemails. Before leaving the office at 2.45pm, she’ll contact any clients in need of extra support.

Any challenges you’ve had to overcome along the way?

The challenges I have overcome to get where I am today include losing the weight myself – it’s important to understand the programme and emphasise with people who are facing the same challenges.’
All independent Cambridge consultants have achieved a healthy weight through following the plan themselves, and have been trained to assist others in doing the same.

What the future holds

The plans for the future involve continuing to help more and more people achieve and maintain their ideal weight the Cambridge way. ‘It’s such a great feeling to meet people who are really struggling with their diet, then seeing them achieve their ideal weight, whilst offering support and advice along the way.’

Why you chose 5-6 the Esplanade as your office space?

Whether your start-up is a tried and tested company or a brand new concept, having an easily accessible hub in which to work from is a fail-safe way to build a budding brand and also, the perfect office community. 5-6 Esplanade is just that for Rebecca Haine.
Rebecca chose 5-6 the Esplanade as a base for her business as it’s in a great location for both her clients and herself.

The office (suite 9) is the perfect size for my needs. I like that I have free Wi-Fi, heating, lighting and a management team who look after the building on site – on hand to answer any questions or concerns I may have at any time. The kitchen and bathroom services on my floor are an asset to all. It’s a private space, where I can shut my door on the rest of the world and focus on giving my clients the one-on-one attention they deserve, It’s a great office for businesses like myself.’
Additional benefits to renting one of Honeycomb’s suites include the flexible lease – if needed, companies can move to a larger office without breaking their agreement.

There’s also a kitchen, free online access, individual mailboxes and no service charges – a huge benefit to brands wishing to stick to a specific budget. These offices are anything but four walls; they’re a community for savvy business individuals.

Is it important to have an office positioned in the centre of town?

‘It was very important for me to have an office based in town, as this allows me to see clients in their lunch hours and after work. They can even nip out of the office for 20 minutes to get weighed and pick up more products, which makes it extremely convenient for people who work in town. Sitting adjacent to the bus station and close to the car parks, 5-6 Esplanade boasts a great location.

What does your desk say about you?

‘My desk is full, but tidy and fairly organised – just like myself. With two children, a dog and a husband, l have to be organised both at home and in the office – especially as I have client records to update and stock to order! I’m always prepared for clients dropping by – my desk has to be ready for this too.’

Is it an asset to be able to take advantage of an office space that is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week?

‘It’s definitely an asset for me to have an office which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I work Saturdays and Monday evenings, so to be able to visit my office out of hours is essential. I’m also able to come in on Sundays and late nights to do a stock take and catch up on any paperwork. 5-6 Esplanade allows me to do this without having to take my work home with me.‘

What do you enjoy about your job?

Rebecca enjoys every aspect of her role and despite working independently; she has the support and knowledge of the Cambridge Weight Plan group behind her.
‘I’m definitely a people person and really enjoy the variety of my job, which allows me to meet different types of people everyday.
I have met and still meet some lovely people, all with a different story of why they want to achieve a healthier weight, all wishing to achieve the same outcome – to lose weight the healthy way, have a better understanding of portion control and ultimately, to maintain this.’

Your biggest recognition to date?

Rebecca’s biggest recognition to date would have to be – leaving the finance industry and a secure job with a steady wage behind her to start up her very own company.
‘Setting up my own business and making sure it was a successful endeavour was a risk that paid off. I believe if you are passionate about what you do, you’ll make a success of it. I feel the Cambridge Weight Plan speaks for itself with the results people achieve. If you give your clients a great experience, whilst offering a warm and friendly service, it shows you care about their journey. Having made a success of this is both amazing and very fulfilling.’
The Cambridge Weight Plan is a great way to lose weight and maintain it. It’s not just about the products, the shakes, soups, porridge and bars; it’s about having a positive experience with your consultant.